Angel Investors – Only a click away
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Angel Investors – Only a click away

  Entrepreneurs can now turn to online angel networks to secure funding for their  businesses. Unlike banks or other financial institutions, angel investors are willing to take a chance and invest smaller amounts of money in high-risk businesses, with the hopes of gaining high returns, within a five to ten year period. These wealthy entrepreneurs use their own capital to finance projects that they believe will be profitable, or where they can use their talent and skill to mentor new…

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The marriage between SA economy and foreign investors

In its latest global economic snapshot in October, the International Monetary Fund cut its world growth forecasts for the sixth straight time in two years, warning about a sluggish expansion in the developing world. Furthermore, overseas financing into developing countries is set to fall 4.5 percent next year after rising 2 percent in 2013, the MIGA report said. However, at around $600 billion a year, FDI (foreign direct investments) to emerging markets is close to quadruple the levels seen a decade ago,…


Shocking ‘Missing Middle’ SMME’s in South Africa revealed

Not unlike the Bermuda Triangle with its mysterious disappearings there appears to be a similar scenario for thousands of  Small Medium & Micro Enterprises (SMME’s’) in Africa… What is the ‘missing middle’? And what are the consequences of their disappearance? The World Bank released in 2011 fittingly documents what it calls the ‘missing middle’ in credit provision for enterprises in Africa.  According to them the ‘missing middle’ is “when larger firms are served by formal financial institutions and micro-enterprises by…