Leadership – 3 Questions worth asking
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Leadership – 3 Questions worth asking

Managing at the current speed of change means that our leadership strategy is not only focused on today’s world, but on a world that is coming. How we as leaders orchestrate the necessary transitions, is what will determine our organizations success. The leadership handbook tells us it’s our ‘environment’ that shapes us as leaders. This led me to re-examine my own personal environment, analysing key influence areas in my life. As the late Jim Rohn said “Days are expensive. When…

recession and risk

Recession and Managing Risk Today.

Recession is on the lips of economists, politicians and investors both globally and in South Africa. So we need to be bold and start asking ourselves the questions: “What if things were really bad?” “What if your optimism is not justified?” “What if you lose the capacity to fund your positions?” “What if they are right and there is a terrible recession looming?” Risk Risks are at the core of judgement and the world is relatively uncertain making it difficult…


The future of telematics: innovations and opportunities.

Telematics is a technology which has transformed the fleet management business. In the near future, telematics will revolutionise the automobile industry. Emad Isaac, CTO of LoJack, worldwide provider of tracking and recovery systems, defines telematics as the “collection, aggregation and storage of pertinent data that can be digested locally, or post-processed remotely”. While this definition suggests a universally applicable technology, the term is usually associated with the vehicle market. GPS navigation, integrated hands-free mobile phones, automated emergency notification for vehicles…

Business Social Responsibility

The Rise of Corporate Brand Nation

Corporate Brand Today I’m discussing the nature of the deep reform that I believe business must lead—nothing less than revamping the entire culture of an organization from ‘short term capitalism to long-term capitalism’. This changes the fundamental ways we manage, and lead corporations as enablers of ‘Corporate Brand Nations’.  And this in turn changes how we view business’s value and its role in society.


Leadership from another perspective