Becoming Risk Intelligent
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Becoming Risk Intelligent

The world we live in is defined by two aspects: risk and reward. Do you dare to make dangerous decisions in business, or would you follow Warren Buffet’s cautious ideology about avoiding risk to avoid the probability of profit loss. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and ask the following questions: Are the risks we don’t take our greatest mistakes? Are we emotionally influenced because we’re not essentially “risk literate”? And how do you correctly manage risk – is it…

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Business Leadership Strategy

Reinventing Organizations through Holacracy

This new organisational structure – Holacracy – is challenging the status quo amongst many companies. Old bureaucracy is being replaced in organisations like Stirman’s organisation, Medium (owned by Twitter) and Zappos, a shoe retailer who now embrace Holacracy as their new working style. It offers companies a different approach to including individuals and empowering staff to be an integral part of the organisation. What is it Holocracy? Holacracy was developed by Brian Robertson, a software engineer, in 2007. Robertson wanted…

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Angel Investors – Only a click away

  Entrepreneurs can now turn to online angel networks to secure funding for their  businesses. Unlike banks or other financial institutions, angel investors are willing to take a chance and invest smaller amounts of money in high-risk businesses, with the hopes of gaining high returns, within a five to ten year period. These wealthy entrepreneurs use their own capital to finance projects that they believe will be profitable, or where they can use their talent and skill to mentor new…

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Game Farming: The new luxury investment with high returns

Lucrative return on game farm investment Nicky Oppenheimer, Cyril Ramaphosa and Johan Rupert, SA’s prominent business leaders, have all seen the wealth opportunity offered by investing in game farms. This luxury investment pays much higher returns than property or the JSE All Share Index, according to Johan van der Merwe, game farmer. In an article on Moneyweb it was noted that a return of around 26% on JSE shares and 10% on property is expected. Compare that to the 31.2%…

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Business Finance Strategy

Small Businesses Don’t Need Hand-outs, They Need Innovative Solutions

Small Businesses The state of the Nation Address has come and gone and Minister Pravin Gordhan’s Budget Speech leaves us thinking about the country’s economic growth and murky, rough waters ahead. The Unemployment Rate in South Africa is staggering. It has averaged 25.26 Percent from 2000 until 2013, but the last quarter of 2013, saw the jobless rate slow to 24.1 percent. Good news? Most certainly, one would presume that it is especially good news for the 75.9% that are…

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Innovative Internet Services Expanding into Africa

CloudSeed, is a highly successful ICT company in South Africa and we’re proud to announce our strategic partnership with Botswana Post because  it’s a major step into the African market. The new venture is‘PosoCloud’ and it provides reliable, affordable, enterprise high speed internet connectivity and cloud solutions. In addition PosoCloud offers ‘Cloud Site’, an extension of the ‘Cloud Connect’ product suite providing businesses with turn-key network solutions.  These consist of Cloud hot spots for both public and corporate clients which…