Passion, empathy, integrity and the road to success.
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Passion, empathy, integrity and the road to success.

Are successful people lucky? Perhaps. Are they smart? Probably. But when you really look at success in business – and in start-ups, even more so – the common factor is often passion. A burning drive fuels positive results and ultimately dictates the success of any business. Because when you’re really passionate about what you do, giving up isn’t an option. Essentially, passion is about getting excited every single day to get up and go to work. In a televised interview…

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Becoming Risk Intelligent

The world we live in is defined by two aspects: risk and reward. Do you dare to make dangerous decisions in business, or would you follow Warren Buffet’s cautious ideology about avoiding risk to avoid the probability of profit loss. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and ask the following questions: Are the risks we don’t take our greatest mistakes? Are we emotionally influenced because we’re not essentially “risk literate”? And how do you correctly manage risk – is it…

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Oil Prices – Opportunity Staring Us in the Face

Opportunity for South Africa to Benefit from Low Oil Prices is Staring Us in the Face. Anyone in business, worth their muster, would tell you to “Buy low and sell high.” At the time of writing this piece, a barrel of Brent Crude Oil cost US $ 30.32, the lowest price in more than 6 years! To put the recent low oil price into perspective, we might have to remind ourselves of the fact that a barrel of Brent Crude…


Leadership – 3 Questions worth asking

Managing at the current speed of change means that our leadership strategy is not only focused on today’s world, but on a world that is coming. How we as leaders orchestrate the necessary transitions, is what will determine our organizations success. The leadership handbook tells us it’s our ‘environment’ that shapes us as leaders. This led me to re-examine my own personal environment, analysing key influence areas in my life. As the late Jim Rohn said “Days are expensive. When…

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Reinventing Organizations through Holacracy

This new organisational structure – Holacracy – is challenging the status quo amongst many companies. Old bureaucracy is being replaced in organisations like Stirman’s organisation, Medium (owned by Twitter) and Zappos, a shoe retailer who now embrace Holacracy as their new working style. It offers companies a different approach to including individuals and empowering staff to be an integral part of the organisation. What is it Holocracy? Holacracy was developed by Brian Robertson, a software engineer, in 2007. Robertson wanted…

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Become an Investor-Ready Entrepreneur

Investors are the people who provide a business with the finance it needs and Entrepreneurs are the people who take the initiative to turn an idea into a business using their own capital or that of investors. So what is the difference between investors and entrepreneurs? Both of them are known to be risk takers. Both of them impact our economy by making the business sector boom. They definitely overlap in some aspects, but what if you could merge the…

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Cloudseed Botswana connecting the African Youth Games in Gaborone 2014

As the African Youth Games draw to a close, looking back it has been an exciting and rewarding experience. As proud sponsors Cloudseed Botswana together with Botswana Post have supplied free Wi-Fi Zones to over 5500 people including athletes, delegates and the media for the duration of the African Youth Games in Gaborone. The WiFi Zones have provided people the opportunity to share their victories, disappointments and gain the support needed to handle the many hurdles facing professional sports people…


Is it entrepreneurship or the entrepreneur?

What determines the success of entrepreneurial ventures A great entrepreneur is the one left standing when others bow out or ‘go home’ defeated.The successful entrepreneur has a big vision for their future success AND communicates that vision to those around them whilst being resolute in its execution. A great entrepreneur has insatiable ambition, drive and focus… with plenty stamina! They also have passion and compassion.  They have commitment to that passion and compassion.  Never giving up because they understand that…


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