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The case for CSR and Traditional Branding

Levi HIV
Brand a marketing program effectively to increase profitability

I am a leading businessman in South Africa and own numerous companies here.  I’m constantly looking for innovative ways to grow my business but at the same time capture the loyalty and imagination of people in and outside of our existing sphere of influence.  I was recently reading a fascinating case study on Levi Strauss and their Corporate Social Responsibility and did further investigation on their operations in South Africa.

I found myself greatly inspired.

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The Rise of Corporate Brand Nation

Today I’m discussing the nature of the deep reform that I believe business must lead—nothing less than revamping the entire culture of an organization from ‘short term capitalism to long-term capitalism’. This changes the fundamental ways we manage, and lead corporations as enablers of ‘Corporate Brand Nations’.  And this in turn changes how we view business’s value and its role in society.

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