Tebogo Mogosha
Chairman of Cloudseed Board, Tebogo Mogosha

Tebogo Mogashoa, Chairman of the Talis Holdings Group, is a highly respected businessman with a reputation for success that precedes him.

Tebogo is involved in various business interests through the adoption of an investment strategy, which has facilitated his Group’s entrance into diverse sectors.

His mission is to create a diversified investment holding structure with interests in fleet management, property, ICT, finance, mining, agriculture and infrastructure development.

Each of the companies within the Group, contribute towards the proficient delivery of shared business goals.

All companies work in synergy to ensure that the Group vision is attained.

The companies forming part of the Talis Holdings Group include:

  • Fleetmatics VMS, operating in the field of fleet management and vehicle tracking;
  • Cloudseed which is set to be one of the countries’ leading Internet Service Providers;
  • Tebfin, a financial service provider; and
  • Tebfin Property Developments, a dynamic property development entity.

Qualifications: BSc Eng (Wits)

Specialist Skills: Electrical Engineering

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